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  • Is it difficult to assemble the BikeBox?
    It is not difficult at all. Watch our "how to" videos on how to assemble the BikeBox and the protective guards.
  • Can the BikeBox be recycled when it comes to its "end-of-life"?
    Yes. Polypropylene is one of the platics that can be repelletised and made into new BikeBoxes.
  • How safe is my bike in a BikeBoxTRAVEL?
    The BikeBoxTRAVEL comes with protective devices that 'slide&fold' around all the fragile components of your bike. These guards give great protection inside the box. Additionally, two Velcro Straps that are attached to the side of the BikeBox will keep the back of your bike suspended in mid-air. So should the airline treat the BikeBox with little care, your bike is protected three fold: through the guards, the Velcrostrap-suspension and the Box itself. The polypropylene sheeting is strong, durable and waterproof. The material will NOT be damaged by rain or dampness. The material is not brittle and will therefore not shatter through impact.
  • Will my bike fit into the BikeBox ?
    Most MTBs fit into the large BikeBox, while Road Bikes are better suited to be packed into our small Bike Box. For more detailed information, check our technical specifications by clicking below link.
  • What material is the BikeBox made from?
    The BikeBoxTRAVEL is made from a single sheet of 100% waterproof Polypropylene . The BikeBox is sonic welded - so no glue or staples are used in the box.
  • Does the BikeBoxTRAVEL last for multiple trips?
    Yes, our BikeBoxes will last for multiple trips. Some of our cyclists have used their BikeBoxes for more than 15 overseas trips.
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