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You’ve invested in the best bike for your road or trail adventures and you know it’s up to the challenge. But will it withstand the air travel getting there? How will it cope with the perils of the luggage hold and the bangs and bumps of the baggage carousel?


Our Bike Boxes and Bike Guards are designed and manufactured to be resilient and tough and to protect every part of your precious bike 100%.

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Box size

Our Bike Boxes come in 2 sizes and fit all types of bikes (from Road Bikes to 29er MTBs). The boxes’ dimensions are within the max allowance of all major Airlines.

The main purpose of a  bike box is to protect your bike during your travels, – but it has to be dealt with once your bike has arrived safely at your destination. You need compact storage – be it in a hire car, hotel room, garage or home. A hardcover bike box requires space you just don’t have!

All these are problems of the past if you use a BIKE BOX. You just fold it up in one easy move and all the space you need is 83 x 77 x 7 cm!

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Folds into itself and reduces storage space by 80% of its volume.

Large Box  (MTB)
Assembled: 140 x 80 x 30cm

Stored:         83 x 77 x 7 cm

Small Box  (Road Bike)
Assembled: 120 x 78 x 25cm

Stored:         76 x 67 x 7 cm

Person loading 2 folded BIkeBoxes in boot of car.
Giving Back
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hands applying bike guards to gear cluster of bicycle
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Tough & Resilient Design & Material

Our Boxes and Guards are made from Polypropylene - a material which is extremely strong and waterproof.

Multiple uses! Our BikeBoxes take your bike many times to any destinations around the globe! 

Box Strength

The Box itself is made from high dense Polypropylene – which is shock- and waterproof and seriously rigid and robust.

Additional protection for your cranks, shocks, discs and derailleur is advisable to avoid scratching – and that’s why we deliver the full set of Bike Guards together with the box!

Another important thing is that the box is waterproof. Packing your bike into a cardboard box is not the solution – once the cardboard is wet it becomes soggy and soft and your bike is no longer protected.

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Box Weight

Airline travel with a bicycle can be one of the biggest schleps. Admittedly a very First-World schlep, but a schlep nonetheless.

The key is to keep weight down as much as possible.

The average weight of a standard hardcover bike box is approx 12kg. Most airlines have a weight allowance of 23kg which is very easy to exceed – leaving you with an excessive surcharge fee at the check-In.

Not if you travel with our Bike Box – as the Box weighs a mere 6kg and leaves you plenty of weight allowance for your Bike and Accessories.

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Half the weight of an average hardcover BikeBox. 

Large Box  (MTB): 6 kg*

Small Box  (Road Bike) : 5 kg*

*excl. Accessories

Bike Box in front of helicopter
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BikeBox with Waterdrops to show it's waterproof
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50% more economical than the average BikeBag

75% more economical than the average hardcover BikeCase

Box Pricing

Bike Bags and Cases come in all shapes and price ranges andchoosing between a bike bag, a hardshell or a cardboard box has always been a compromise between weight, strength and price.

Our Bike Box ticks all the boxes!

The Bike Box comes with a number of accessories such as Bike Guards, the very practical “box-in-the-box” and a set of wheels.

Our clients can choose whether they want the full package deal or rather choose the accessories which serve their purposes.

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