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Take your bike to whereever you go - by airtravel or by carrying it up a mountain. .


Planning your next holiday? Bike travel is fun - so don't leave your bike at home. Pack your bike in our foldable BikeBox TRAVEL. The box is lightweight, durable, and waterproof and brings your bike safely to any destination! 

Bike Guards protect the fragile components of your bike and make it extra safe during air travel.

BikeBox Features

Box design with a difference!
The included bike Guards protect your bike's fragile components.

BikeBoxes folded into 20% of its storage space. 3 BikeBoxes lying on top of each other in the boot of a vehicle.

The smart BikeBox

With a revolutionary folding mechanism, your BikeBox can be stored in any small space. No more hassles on your way to the airport or storage in a hotel room. The box folds in a few easy steps and can disappear below your bed. 

A bicycle box with MountainBike next to it on a grassy surface
BikeBox is the official supplier of the Adventure Racing World Championships. Teams need BikeBoxes for their bikes to be taken to transitions.

Official BikeBox supplier for the Adventure Racing World Series & WorldChampionships in SA.


BikeBoxes & Accessories

Different BikeBoxes are available in SouthAfrica, USA and Europe, please order in your relevant territory


We believe that the Bike Box is the perfect solution for the travelling and adventure cyclist.
Get your Bike Box today and travel with your bike!

Stefan Garlicki- Pro Mountainbiker flies with a BikeBox

Stefan Garlicki, PRO MTBer

““So happy with my Bike Box, finally someone has developed a way to transport your bike that is safe, affordable and lightweight! It’s the best of everything”"
Robyn de Groot - Pro Mountainbiker travelling with her bike.

Robyn de Groot, Pro Cyclist

"Great design, super light, super efficient, great protection for my racing equipment and I love the fact that it folds up into a small square easy to store while travelling."
Team Songline uses the BikeBoxes to pack their bikes - travelling all over the world.

Team Songline, 

AR World Ranked Team

“Great product – perfect to pack our bikes safely for airtravel with my bike and during international Adventure Races”
BikeBox winning the EuroBikeAward in 2019


Award Jury

“This economical solution to transporting bikes provides better protection than many alternatives at three to four times the price”

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